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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding Evergy’s Heating and Cooling Rebate, Insulation and Air Sealing Rebate and being an Evergy-Authorized Trade Ally. Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here.

You will need to provide a completed Trade Ally Participation Agreement and copies of your certificate of insurance and business license.

What are Evergy electric heat rates?

Evergy offers an 8-month electric space heating rate for the winter that is ideally suited for energy-efficient heat pumps. Rates for energy reflect the reduced costs associated with supporting heating usage during the winter season. To qualify for the electric space heating rate, the electric heating equipment (such as a dual-fuel heat pump) must be permanently installed, used as the primary source of heating and used throughout the home. Please keep this in mind as you are talking with your customers about their cooling system options. If they already have a heat pump and they replace it with an A/C system, they no longer qualify to be on this reduced rate for electric space heating.

Available rates sheets: 

(Although Evergy does not currently offer energy efficiency rebates in Kansas, we do continue to have a reduced rate.)

Yes. Only Evergy-Authorized Trade Allies can offer the Evergy Heating and Cooling Rebate and Insulation and Air Sealing Rebate to their customers. Learn how to become an Evergy-Authorized Trade Ally.

Evergy issues the customer’s rebate check. Once you submit the rebate application and all required supporting documentation, the information will be verified and forwarded to the utility for payment.

Once you complete the installation and submit the necessary documents to Evergy, the rebate payment will be sent to your customer (or to you, if a Heating and Cooling Rebate Reassignment Form has been signed) within 6 to 8 weeks.

Each authorized trade ally is assigned a dedicated outreach manager who can provide assistance with any issues. If you do not know who your outreach manager is, email us or call 816-772-1010 and a representative will provide you with your outreach manager’s contact information.

You will be required to participate in our New Trade Ally Orientation Training with your outreach manager.

Evergy offers a wide range of rebates designed to help business customers in Missouri complete energy- and money-saving projects as well. For more information, see our Resources for Commercial Trade Allies

No. We are in the process of requesting approval from Kansas Corporation Commission to offer similar energy-savings opportunities. Evergy is the first utility in the state to request energy efficiency opportunities through the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act (KEEIA), and the goal is to bring these programs to fruition by early 2017. In the meantime, Energy Analyzer can help customers better understand their energy use and find customized tips to save. 

Yes. Prior to submitting the rebate application it is required that the customer complete the Energy Savings Kit, which includes a home energy assessment and a direct install component. 

Rebate amounts vary depending on the customers existing equipment and the equipment installed, click here for a detailed rebates chart.